About Us

Hello there fellow RV Fronters! To begin with, whenever my youngest son calls he always asks “what’s new on the RV Front?” I am always explaining the new things I’ve discovered on blogs or through research online. Well the other day he said, why don’t I set you up a blog so you can share your research. That brings us to this site.

I began this blog to provide insight, information, and share my experiences in my quest to narrow down and ultimately select an RV that I will be living in full time upon my retirement. I plan on providing you with every nook and cranny of information and considerations that I can, but be warned it can be overwhelming at times. I’m hopeful that you follow me from your first introduction to the RV Front through the time when I’m rolling down the road. Blogs are a great way to build up your knowledge base. They provide you insight into things that you wouldn’t even have thought about prior to being introduced to the subject, and helps you prep for an RV purchase and life rolling down road. Most of the blogs that I follow are from bloggers already on the road. From following others blogs, you will begin to feel like part of the journey all the while learning from their day to day experiences. I can only hope to provide you with the same insight that others have shown me. So be sure to check out the blogs that I follow, and comment on our blog, and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

A weekly newsletter is also in the works! I hope to have every worked out for an October 4, 2015 launch. During this time of RV Purchase Prepping I feel as though a weekly newsletter via e-mail should suffice. Once I’m post purchase I will most certainly increase the delivery to a few days a week.

Thanks for following us!