Texas and the Coronavirus

This is certainly the most unusual thing I have ever experienced in my lifetime. And I’m sure you’re all feeling the same way about it as well.

After leaving New Mexico I stayed in west Texas for a week, definitely oil country. Oilfields abound and it smells like new tires (petroleumy if there is such an odor).

Still have awesome sunsets in the west.

I continued meandering east, happy to get away from the oilfields and flatness of west Texas.

I prefer to stay at ACOE (army corps of engineers) campgrounds because they’re very inexpensive, usually not crowded, and always near water (dams).

It was while staying at Lakeside campground in Coleman Texas, that the “shit hit the fan” with the Coronavirus. The campground hosts came around handing out flyers informing everyone that the campground was closing.

My plan had been to continue east to Airport Park in Waco where I stayed previously and thoroughly enjoyed.

Ruby always makes friends and I guess these guys were the ,goodbye committee.

Unbeknownst to me, shorty after leaving the campground the rear passenger wheel brake froze. I was driving down the highway and someone pulled un next to me, blowing the horn and pointing behind the motor home. I have a back-up camera (thank-you Steven) but didn’t see anything. I pulled over onto the shoulder and the driver of the other car ran up and said “I think your car is on fire “. I got out and checked, the tire and rim were completely flat and smoking on the bottom.

I was able to take the tire off and put the spare on but the wheel still wouldn’t turn. I called Escapees, an RV club that I belong to that I have a towing plan with.

I had to wait three hours for the flat bed tow truck to show up but I was VERY fortunate because the tow truck driver was able to remove the brake pads from the seized wheel. I put the spare tire on and was able to get back on the road.

Airport Park, Waco, Texas

I was only able to stay one night at Airport Park, arrived Friday late in the afternoon and they were closing Saturday at noon.

Originally, my longer term plan was to meet best friends Steve and Louise near Houston and visit Big Bend National Park in Southwest Texas for a few weeks before going to North Carolina to see mom and family.

Steve and Louise invited me to stay at their lake house until the Coronavirus threat ends. I can’t thank them enough. It’s absolutely ideal, I have electric and water hook ups, the property is on a dead end road, and there’s virtually no one around.

Steve and Pepper.

Robin escaped from California (via a few weeks in Arizona) and joined me in Texas.

I have the feeling that I’m going to need a haircut and beard trim real SOON.

Steve took us out on Lake Livingston a few times, huge lake with lots to see.

I was totally devastated by the news that so many of my FedEx family were sickened and killed by the coronavirus. Nothing like this has ever happened in modern history. Condolences to everyone who knows someone affected by this horrific virus.

I made the decision, thanks to the coronavirus incentive, to upgrade my ride.

I’m heading back to North Carolina to see my mom and sisters, 18 months since I’ve seen them.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and WEAR A MASK!

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  1. Denine

    Hey I’m so happy you are alright and that you have RV roadside service. That tire blowout looks scary.
    You have wonderful friends who was able to let you stay on there land
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

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