Nevada (3 men on the road / a sequel)

Spent almost a month in Nevada, both Tom and Robin met me, having a great time as usual.

We stayed in Pahrump, about 60 miles west of Las Vegas.

Weather was perfect, 70’s during the day and 40’s at night. Almost 3 weeks without any rain. And awesome sunsets. A few nights the entire Milky Way was overhead, I wish I knew how to take pictures of the night sky, absolutely awesome.

No trip to Nevada is complete without visiting Vegas, we spent an entire day walking the strip (Ruby included). My feet hurt just thinking about it now.

The water show at Caesar’s Palace with Frank Sinatra singing New York, New York, over the loud speakers was spectacular.

Tom headed east, back to Charlotte, and Robin and I headed south to Arizona for the winter.

I’m still enjoying the journey.

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