Oregon and Crater Lake National Park

This is the bluest water I have ever seen.

The brochure says that it is among the purest water anywhere in the world because it is not fed by any rivers or streams, only by melting snow and natural springs.

This park is very drivable with a lot of turn offs for photo ops.

The lake was formed when an erupting volcano collapsed leaving a giant crater which eventually filled with ground water, ice, and snow.

This was my first time ever visiting the Pacific Northwest, and the ocean views didn’t disappoint.

Awesome to walk along a deserted beach. Ruby still has problems figuring out why she sometimes ends up drinking salt water.

A lot more to be seen in Oregon but I’m chasing the weather, and rain and drizzle is NOT what I have in mind. I’ll be back though

California, and more National Parks is where I’m heading.

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