Idaho, Washington, and maintenance issues (both vehicles).

The Mini Cooper has had suspension issues since I got on the road and pulled it around on a tow dolly. Well, thanks to Tom I now use a tow bar which is much better for both me, and the Mini.

Additionally I was hearing a pinging noise occasionally from the motor home as I was driving and the idiot light on the dashboard indicated low rear suspension air pressure.

I made appointments for both vehicles and to make a long story short, the Mini is partially repaired (need to have the dealer complete the repairs), and the motor home was diagnosed (not an air leak but a bad sensor) and also needs to go to the dealer to complete the repairs.

At least I know both vehicles are road worthy??.. I think

Ok pet owners, how difficult is it to get an appointment to see the veterinarian?

A lot more difficult than you think when you’re living on the road!

Ruby’s last dose of Trifexis was September first. I generally don’t stay in any campground more than one week, and since it’s after Labor Day I don’t need to make advance reservations so I’m really wandering around. Tried a few times to get her in to see a veterinarian but no appointments available for weeks. I finally booked an appointment for October 10th in Fresno, California.

40 states visited (need to spend the night), and 23 National Parks. Bucket list items.

Finally made it to the Pacific.

Can’t believe I’m actually almost caught up….

Mount Rainier National Park next time.

3 thoughts on “Idaho, Washington, and maintenance issues (both vehicles).

  1. Denine

    Well you know vehicles are machines that needs to be service often, so please keep them up
    in your travels….
    40 states already nice Enjoy

  2. Kevin

    Slow down moving too fast. Map is just about full already. Can you get sensor on line then install it or have it done?

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