Nebraska and South Dakota

I’m late again posting to the blog.

And getting further behind.

But in my defense, I spent a few weeks without internet service.

I made a brief stop at Pawnee National Grassland

Then was greeted at the border with a fantastic thunderstorm.

Only spent two nights in Nebraska, then on to South Dakota.

Scott’s Bluff is a hidden gem, not a lot of mention in the visitors guide, but spectacular views. There’s actually a road to the top of the bluff, and they’re dog friendly.

Ruby and I had an awesome time there, and excellent hiking (not too difficult).

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument was another cool place to visit. Only a few dog friendly trails because of the rattlesnakes.

Wind Cave National Park was okay, but the only elevator to the cave was not operating so we were limited to what we could see from hiking and driving.

Badlands National Park was awesome. Very hands on, you can walk and climb the hills at most of the view points and parking lots but you cannot bring your dog on the trails.

Very picturesque even though we visited on a cloudy day.

Next posting, Montana, Glacier National Park, and a special visitor.

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