Wow, where to begin?

I used Horsetooth Reservoir campground as my basecamp for northern Colorado.

Very picturesque.

You know, back in the day…… when I was young.

I was young, REALLY I WAS!

I had been known to get a little buzz, every now and again.

Ok, every day!!

But life, children, and FedEx conspired to keep me on the straight and narrow (for 35 years!).

And now that I’m retired

Wow, it ain’t like it used to be.

Haircuts for both of us, mani and pedi for Ruby, and some blood work for me.

Gotta keep my cardiologist happy.

I spent a week in eastern Colorado.

Visited Bents Old Fort, which was a trading post built in 1833.

A neat place to visit, live blacksmith, and most importantly DOG friendly.

We also visited Sand Creek Massacre National Historic site. Not a great moment in American history.

The US Cavalry kill 230 mostly women, children, and elderly even though a US flag and a white flag of truce are present.

The actual site of the massacre is on sacred Indian land, you can walk to an overlook about a mile away to view it.

Enough history lesson for today.

Heading back north to the cooler weather Nebraska and South Dakota next.

2 thoughts on “Colorado


    :)))))))) Harvey and I are craking up!!!! well enjoy your self, but please be safe (No dosing)
    That lake is beautiful.

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