3 Men on the road, not to mention a dog.

Robin, Tom, me, and Ruby spent about a month together traveling from Salt Lake City through parts of Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota.

Yellowstone National Park was awesome with the wild life up close and personal.

Custer’s last stand at the Little Bighorn.

Spectacular skies throughout the trip.

Mount Rushmore

And Frontier Days in Cheyenne Wyoming.

And yes, it was my first rodeo.

And the Thunderbirds were part of the festivities.

It was definitely the dog days of July.

But we all had a lot of fun.

Next up for me, Colorado.

Tom, Charlotte.

Robin, back to Jersey.

3 thoughts on “3 Men on the road, not to mention a dog.

  1. Roisin

    Wow. Just. WOW!!! How lucky to have lived this amazing experience that most people only dream of! And I know it wasn’t always easy but you guys pulled it off. God Bless and May you have many more…I truly wish you the best!

  2. Lynn

    Awesome photos! You looked like you had an amazing time. I’ve never been to any of those places but you’ve inspired me!

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