Monument Valley

Absolutely breathtaking views every where you looked.

Even though I was still recuperating from the hernia surgery, we took every opportunity to go sightseeing.

We stayed inside the park, with spectacular views from the campground.

This is Goulding’s RV Park.

Monument Valley is on the Utah Arizona border, not too far from four corners.

Beautiful desert flowers in the spring.

This one is named Mexican Hat

And this part of the road was made famous by Forest Gump.

Next up is Utah (revisited), for recuperation, relaxation, and recharging my batteries.

One thought on “Monument Valley


    Wow I did’nt know you had surgery! I’m HAPPY TO SEE YOUR NOT LETTING IT KEEP YOU DOWN, YOU HAVE A LOT MORE TO SEE MISTER…So keep moving…
    those views are Beautiful….

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