Texas (part 1)

Absolutely awesome reconnecting with old friends. I’ve been looking forward to coming back to Texas to see Steve and Louise since I left last year.

First stop was at Foretravel, again. 168,000 mile check up, lube and oil change, service the generator, AND the biggie, FIX the HEADLIGHTS.

I am definitely NOT the typical Foretravel owner. Mainly because I’m not wealthy, lol.

I spent a couple of nights at their lake house.

Steve and I went to see Jeff Dunham, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, very good funny show.

Managed to do a little sightseeing, NASA, Johnson Space Center near Houston.

Awesome going while the children are still in school, no long lines.

Also took a boat tour of the Houston harbor.

Visited Brazos Bend State Park

The plan was to see some alligators but they were no where to be found.

We also took in a baseball game, Yankees and Astro’s at Minute Maid Park.

First baseball game I’ve been to in at least 10 years.

In fact, the last baseball game I went to was in Yankee Stadium.

I’ve done quite a lot in my first few weeks in Texas.

I’ll finish with Texas in the next posting.

My nephew Robert is meeting me in Albuquerque on Derby Day, that will be a lot of fun.

2 thoughts on “Texas (part 1)

  1. Denine

    Hey there ‍♀️ Looking for gators ‍♀️ Not me…. glad you were able to see a bb game. Enjoy Life!!!!!!!

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