Last time I went through Alabama, I spent one night on my way to Mississippi. This time I spent two weeks and took my time.

I had an awesome lakeside campsite in a great state park, Wind Creek, in Alexander City.

I visited the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site. Another awesome site deserving preservation.

I even made time for much needed domestic duties.

My late friend, Brian Higgins was with me once when I performed similar domestic duties. I won’t repeat his comment to me but I laughed until my sides ached.

Have you noticed that I always sneak a picture of Ruby into the blog? Someone pointed that out to me, I really hadn’t noticed.

We traveled across the state to Isaac Creek Campground, an Army Corps of Engineers campground.

It was only about 45 miles from Selma where the struggle for civil rights and voting rights took place in the 1960’s. Seems like so long ago, but then not really???

I remember watching the conflict on television, and I remember this intersection was where the police and National Guard used water cannons and fire trucks to try to turn the marchers around.

Isaac Creek Campground was an “interesting” place. I think they’re conducting diabolical experiments on mosquitoes. I used Deet 100 mosquito repellent, had my bug zapper plugged in non-stop, and lit a VERY smoky fire and they still relentlessly attacked me.

I’m still wandering westward, a brief stop in Louisiana, and then my second time visiting Texas.

What was it that Gandalf from J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Hobbit said?

“All who wander are not lost”

Well, I think we can be sure that I’m the exception to that, I’m wandering AND lost.

3 thoughts on “Alabama

  1. Kevin Cannava

    Hey where is everybody? Looks like you have the campgrounds all to yourself.
    Say hello to Steve and Louise for me.
    Hope we can connect again over the summer. Be safe.

  2. Ycnan

    ❤️ I really appreciated Reading the historical places you visited and how they related to you ( such as, you remember watching on TV… And how long ago ( and yet not so long ago ) that era was… .

  3. Tom

    I know Don’t follow me I’m lost—- that way when we follow each other maybe we might find our way home. And then we could be really lost.

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