Florida (part 3)

I enjoyed my time in Florida, lots to do, but a tad expensive. Average campsite was almost twice as expensive as my usual budget.

Robin and Tom joined me for a SpaceX night launch. We arrived with chairs (and adult beverages) around 5pm and watched the launch from the mainland.

I made a great video of the launch, but I don’t know how to download it to the blog. Actually I don’t even know if that’s possible?

After Robin and Tom departed, I began my westward migration stopping in Marianna Florida (about 40 miles north of Panama City).

The landscape in this area drastically changed, compliments of hurricane Michael.

I did go to Panama City, but could not bring myself to take pictures. There were entire neighborhoods of vacant lots. Virtually every structure still standing has damage.

The campground I stayed in had a huge bonfire burning night and day, tended by a bulldozer.

Next stop for us is Alabama (North, then West).

2 thoughts on “Florida (part 3)

  1. Nancy

    Send me the video of your the launch via text or messenger, pretty please? I can post it on Facebook and tag you if you want… But send it to me just so I can see it and I won’t post it without your permission.


    where are the marshmellows??? glad to see your home, car and pet 🙂 are doing good… continue to enjoy life, You are Blessed 🙂

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