Florida (part one)

It was awesome spending time with my mom, sisters, and family for a while in December. I got back on the road Christmas morning heading south, really was a great travel day as the roads were empty. Spent the night in Georgia and was back on the road early the next morning.

My first stop was in Hudson Florida at Suncoast Designers. They specialize in windows. They replaced the passenger door window, which had been foggy since I purchased my motor home. It’s amazing how much easier it is to drive when you can see out the window. lol

Before and after pictures.

They also repaired the leaky slide out window seal.

On to Bushnell Florida, where I officially live??

I’m staying here for the entire month of January.

Ruby and I are enjoying the scenic back roads of Central Florida.

I was finally able to find an auto body shop to repair the Mini.

So I am actually getting a few things done while I’m here.

Still having some minor medical issues, went to the urologist January 3rd, he says I have an enflamed prostate likely caused by an infection. So I’m on an antibiotic for 30 days, which means NO ALCOHOL and NO CAFFEINE!!!

I met with more of my FedEx family when Paula and Jackie stopped by on their way to Tampa. They’re going to the big RV show and wanted to ask a few questions. It was an awesome visit.

More from Florida in my next post.

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    wow good travels, that tree is beautiful (I love trees)…. you must take care of yourself listen to the Dr’s instructions NO DRINKING!!!! and NO SMOKING!!!!!


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