Although some folks head to the northeast in the fall because of the picturesque landscape and the turning of the leaves, I’m here to give Steven a helping hand with his move.

Steven was promoted and transferred to Boston. I’m very proud of him (and his brother).

Our first weekend in Massachusetts we went to “The BIG E”, which is the equivalent of a state fair, and saw the Beachboys.

The music was good but concerts have certainly changed since the 70’s. Holding up a lit cellphone instead of a lighter, 95 percent of the audience has grey hair, but I smelled someone smoking weed, so not everything has changed. lol

Visit to the USS Constitution in Boston harbor is up next.

One thought on “Massachusetts

  1. Denine

    Hey I’m in Boston now visiting my daughter, been here since Friday. I will be leaving this afternoon. Call me if you can

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