Absolutely awesome park!

Wildlife, up close and personal

Both of the above pictures were taken from the safety of my car.

Absolutely awesome scenery throughout the entire park, and this place is huge.

And geothermal sites and activities abound.

I even took an awesome three and a half minute video of Old Faithful, just wish I knew how to upload it to the blog. lol

Just so you don’t think that life on the road is one long vacation, I tried to turn around in the back of my campsite inside Yellowstone. There was some long grass (maybe 6 inches long) I ended up taking out the lower radiator hose and housing. Do you know that there is NOT one Mini Cooper dealer in Wyoming, North or South Dakota?

Wyoming is next

2 thoughts on “Yellowstone

  1. Denine M Davis

    wow Wyoming is beautiful… sorry to here about your car that’s a bummer, but you have internet order the piece you need 🙂

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