New Mexico

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog.

Awesome sunsets, and neat places to visit.

Sitting Bull Falls was one of Ruby’s favorites.

I was at one of the Escapees RV club sites for almost 3 weeks. A great club to join, many park discounts and a great mail forwarding plan as well.

Steven came and visited me for a few days, picked him up in Roswell and saw this cool bus stop.

We went to Guadalupe Mountain National Park.

And Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

Also visited parts of the Lincoln National Forest, a huge area.

And one of the most unique places I’ve ever seen, White Sands National Monument.

Folks were having a great time sledding and sliding, looks like snow but it’s really fine sand.

Then it was time to head for Albuquerque, through a windstorm and a snowstorm!!

Albuquerque is huge, and at 5,960 feet elevation, the highest city I’ve ever visited.

We went to see Petroglyph National Monument, a two mile hike but definitely worth it.

I met my old friend from New Jersey, Al and his wife Nancy, who were in Albuquerque visiting their son, for lunch.

Imagine traveling 2200 miles just to have lunch with me. Ha Ha

Time for Steven to get back to reality, and Ruby said goodbye to her new best friend.

I decided to take Steve and Louise’s advice and head southwest to visit the Gila National Forest.

It was another two mile hike but the cliff dwellings were magnificent.

Next stop, Arizona

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  1. Steven lagerman

    Well done Bob, your still making me jealous. You keep having a good time, hope I can catch up with you soon!

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