Heading west

Originally I planned on going to Big Bend National Park which is in southwestern Texas on the Mexican border.

But after checking the weather, (it’s already in the 80’s there) and after discussions with Steven and my kids.

I decided to skip Big Bend this trip. So I headed west instead of southwest.

However, the weather did not cooperate.

I planned on staying in Sunset Texas for 2 nights, but a Texas style ice storm changed my plan.

So after 6 nights I continued on westward over the plains.

Ruby and I enjoyed Lake Colorado City State Park for a few days, walking and hiking.

However, Ruby was not too happy with the prickly pear cactus surrounding our campsite.

Next up, NEW MEXICO !!!

One thought on “Heading west

  1. Steven lagerman

    Need more up to date info dude. You know I dont have Facebook. You’ve been to New Mexico and Arizona and no new entries, come on!

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