Garner State Park

I spent an enjoyable week at Garner State Park with best friends Steve and Louise.

Hiking, camping, and just continuing to renew our friendship.

It’s true, what my mom says, “there’s no friend like an old friend”.

So many times through the years I’ve thought about Steve and wondered how he was and what he was doing.

And now, to finally reconnect and spend time together just talking about where life has taken us, it’s really special.

He’s a lucky man to have a lifetime wife who is also a best friend.

After our time at Garner, I went back to their lake house and stayed on another two weeks. While I was there, I put my motor home into the shop at the Foretravel dealer, which was only about 80 miles away. I had a list of things that needed to be fixed.

Fix the slide out, repair the leaking steering box, front end alignment, oil and filter change, transmission filter changes, and diagnose and repair the furnace. It was expensive $6,500. but now everything is working 100% and I’m confident that I’m safe on the road. And while I was staying at the lake house, I found a place that hand washed AND waxed the RV.

Next up, heading west, not to Big Bend National Park as I had planned, but west.

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