Welcoming 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I spent an uneventful Christmas Day, texting and talking with friends and family.

The weather was warm and sunny and Ruby enjoyed walking the trails through the campground.

It’s a beautiful campground about 15 minutes from downtown San Antonio. Steve and Louise came to show me the sights, it is their favorite Texas destination.

Dinner at Tower of the America’s, food was awesome, company was even better. It was so nice to spend time with an old friend, someone who knew me, and who I knew, before “life” happened.

We did the touristy things, even though they’ve been here more than a few times. Including Margaritas to go, what an excellent idea!

The River Walk is awesome, but Louise says it’s magical at night so we waited until the evening to go there. Rather than walking, we took a guided boat tour. Pictures don’t really do it justice, ambiance and atmosphere were wonderful.

And here’s another picture of the place we had dinner yesterday, from a distance.

On to Fredericksburg and more historic sites.

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