Update #1

A lot has happened since my last post.

Some good, some not so good, but all in all a very worthwhile experience.

I planned on staying at my sisters house for 3 weeks. Arriving there July 14th (my fathers birthday).

Great family times.

Was on my way to Kentucky for the solar eclipse in early August the first time I broke down.

Thankfully Brian, Amanda’s (boyfriend/fiancé/husband), was able to diagnose the problem which turned out to be a broken alternator. Not only did he diagnose it, he told me how to operate the RV regardless of the broken alternator. I was able to limp off the highway and into an RV Park where I called a mobile repair company and they came out and replaced the alternator.

I returned to my sisters house as the RV was just not running right.

Brian to the rescue again, the alternator had been installed incorrectly, one of the wires was not on the right post.

After fixing the problem, Brian got the control panel in the front of the RV to work. Until then the fans didn’t blow any air except at the windshield (defrost only). Joe (my favorite brother in-law) asked Brian why the air conditioning didn’t work and Brian went to the back of the RV where the engine is to check it out. That’s when Brian discovered that there were broken and bent bolts on the exhaust manifold.

Brian (and Amanda and Emma) spent the next 3 weekends repairing the problem.

Then it was off to Florida where I officially became a resident.

After we left Joe found a big spot on the ground, the RV was leaking something!

My sister Lynda went with me to help me out and keep an eye on Ruby while I was talking care of all the paperwork etc.

We had a great time, but an old problem reoccurred on the way back, NO headlights!

We didn’t discover this problem until it was getting dark and ended up spending the night in a Love’s parking lot without any air conditioning. Not recommended.

Brian to the rescue yet again. The transmission cooler was what was leaking. I ordered a new silicone hose from a place in California. Only one small problem, the damn transmission cooler kept leaking. Brian and Joe found another spot that leaked behind the hose connection. Mark came over numerous times with his welder but every time he would fix a spot another one would start leaking. I ended up ordering a new transmission cooler. But there was a problem. Foretravel didn’t have one in stock, and neither did their supplier. So I had to wait until one could be manufactured, three weeks!!!

Well, to make a long story short.

With the help of all of my family in North Carolina, After nearly three months, I am finally on the road.

More soon,

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  1. Jackie

    You poor bugger, Love’s a Blog glad you were able to post it on Facebook. You’re welcome, love your baby sister. Jackie

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