MaineSpent a week visiting Maine and Acadia National Park. Christina, Robin, and I went to Maine to rest, relax, and eat. 

I proved once and for all that when you travel in an RV you need to be flexible. The campsite I wanted to stay at does not take reservations (or credit cards). We broke up the trip by driving to and staying in New Hampshire, the first day. Then we arrived in Maine relatively early the next day. Good thing! The campsite I had chosen was closed. Plan B??? Ummm, sure. Find a place to park, get on line and find another campsite asap! 

We really enjoyed Bar Harbor, or Baa Haa Baa as the locals call it. We ate, drank, ate, shopped and ate there. Did I mention we ate there? Christina was hysterical, saying that the locals spoke English like the Chinese. We had a lot of fun with that.

Acadia was absolutely awesome, pictures attached.

We even got up to see the sunrise. Cadillac Mountain is the highest point on the east coast and sees the sunrise before anyone else in the United States. And, I have pictures proving that Robin was actually up before the sunrise! 


A great trip (and everyone survived).

We instituted a swear jar for our trip, with everyone contributing a quarter for every time they swore. I won’t say who contributed the most, but we ended up with $105. at the end!!!

Next up, upstate New York 

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