Washington DC with friends 

I’m getting a lot more comfortable driving and using the RV. Christina, Robin, Brian, and I went to the nations capital to do some sightseeing. I figured while we were there, we could straighten out the politicians and maybe something would actually be accomplished. (Fat Chance) The RV ran perfectly on the trip down. We stayed at Cherry Hill campground, the closest RV park to Washington. It was a little pricey but worth it because of the location. 

We took in all of the touristy things, the Smithsonian, Washington monument, the mall.

The National Zoo, and Holocaust museum.

Nights we sat around the campfire and planned the following days activities.

We visited the Lincoln memorial, Vietnam and World War II memorials and had lunch at the department of agriculture cafeteria.

But the highlight of the week,at least for me was Arlington National Cemetery. We saw president Kennedy’s grave, the tomb of the unknown soldiers, and even witnessed the changing of the guard TWICE. It was a somber experience.

If this is a prelude to retirement, I’m ready!

My moving plans have not changed, I’ll be moving into the RV to live full time by November 1st.

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