Learnin’ the ropes

I took a solo trip to North Carolina to visit mom, and drop off my sister Lynda’s things. When I left here I was not planning on driving straight through, but I felt very comfortable on the road, so I pushed on and completed the trip in only 10 hours, not bad from New Jersey. My sister Jackie, and my favorite brother in law Joe have a 50 amp hook-up in their car port, so looks like I’ll always have a place to stay. Just have to time it correctly so I don’t over stay my welcome. I should have known that things were not going to work according to plan when my mom ended up in the hospital the day I was driving down. Originally I was going to leave Sunday morning and take my time, trying to get there late Sunday, but since it was close to Mom’s birthday, a family celebration was planned Sunday afternoon. I managed to get off Saturday as well, adding another day to my vacation, figuring I would easily be there in time for the party. Unfortunately due to the circumstances the party was cancelled anyway. Mom’s medication had been recently changed and she had not been eating well, long story short, dehydration and the medicine change caused her to go to the hospital. Unfortunately after straightening out the medical stuff, she ended up with the shingles. OUCH!! I did manage to accomplish a few things though, I was amazed at how much stuff could fit into the basement of the RV. We got all of Lynda’s things moved to her son Craig and daughter in law Sandy’s house. Robin flew down and was able to get a few days R & R. (If you call being around my family relaxing, LOL) The trip back home was much more relaxing for me, we took our time and did the trip in two days. Sorry, no pictures this time…..

Happy birthday mom!!!

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