Fast forward

I’m learning that I’m not really good at keeping up with a blog. I’ve learned so much, and done so much work on the Motorhome that I constantly say “I’ll catch up this weekend, or next weekend” but apparently that has not happened. So I’m going to skip from the past to the present, or almost present anyway. Steven has really had his work cut out for himself. Every time I use the RV, I find another “project”, and unfortunately for Steven, that usually means more stuff for him to do. He says he doesn’t mind, but the list has grown quite long, and he is supposed to have a “life” of his own too. A friend of Steven’s from work, Steve Collins, “gave” me a tow dolly!!! Admittedly it was in rough shape, but a new tow dolly goes for around twenty-five hundred bucks. Another project for Steven and I, but we (mostlySteven), really took our time and did an excellent job, if I do say so myself. 
Those are the before pictures, and the pictures below are after.

A lot of work went into restoring the tow dolly. But it’s better than the new ones that I looked at. It’s built really well, heavy gauge steel, not plastic and aluminum. 

And this photo is before the new rims, tires, fenders, and wiring.

More soon, short and sweet…..

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