The “Shakedown”

So many things to learn. My favorite brother in-law” Joe drove from Mama Gertie’s to Stone Mountain State Park, still in North Carolina, but about 100 miles away. He taught us about the “Jake” brake, which uses the engine to slow down, especially useful in the mountains where you don’t want to burn out your brakes. We met my niece Amanda and her 7 year old daughter Emma at the campsite, they were impressed with the motor home. I was impressed that our stay in the park only cost $23 including electric and water. We all went on a hike to see the nearby waterfall, nearby is not the same after back surgery as it is before! I saw the top of the falls, about a half a mile from where we parked, I even climbed down a few hundred steps to see the half-way point of the falls. But I stopped there and rested for a bit while the others went all the way to the bottom. It’s a good thing too, after a 10 minute break, I started back up and they still managed to catch me before I got back to the top. I don’t so much mind getting older, I just wish it didn’t hurt. When we finally got back to the campsite, my sister Jackie showed up with FOOD!, we were starving! We lit a small fire (in the fire ring provided) but didn’t have any marshmallows, still I love the smell of a wood fire. When it got dark everyone decided they better hit the road as both Amanda & Emma, and Jackie & Joe had long drives to get back home. 

Steven and I made use of the campground showers, walked back to the RV, made sure the fire was out, and called it a night. 

Next morning we stopped by to see Brian, who is Amanda’s boyfriend and another really great guy. He’s a master mechanic at Peterbuilt, the truck people. He’s my “go-to” person for anything related to Diesel engines. He’s been able to trouble shoot and diagnose a few issues by phone and save me a lot of stress, and get me on track. He had already eaten lunch but sent Amanda and us to a really good diner near his job. Then to add assault to injury, had her pay the check while I was in the bathroom. Thanks Brian and Amanda!

We took the Blue Rigde Parkway to our next stop at Natural Bridge, Virginia. What a drive!!!!! This was our first time staying at a KOA campground and I was pretty impressed. Everything was laid out well, and maintained, nice swimming pool, game room, etc. They guided us to our site in a golf cart and showed us where the hook-ups were. Then we set up camp. The more we do this the easier it gets, level the motor home, put out the slide out, hook-up electric, water, and sewer. Put up the awnings, break out the welcome mat and the chairs. 

The next morning we got an early start, intending to have breakfast on the road somewhere. We stopped at the Natural Bridge but the attached photo’s don’t really do it justice. It was a really nice (but pricey) place to stop.

Next posting, off of the Blue Ridge Parkway and on to Skyline Drive.

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