First campsite

Our first campsite was in North Carolina at “Mama Gertie’s”, beautiful area, great amenities, and a perfect place for us to begin the “learning process”. The staff there were excellent, leading us to our site in a golf cart, showing us where the water, electric, and sewer hook-ups were, and informing us of the campground rules. The first thing we did was to check out the site, walk around, see if we were close enough to the hook-ups, and far enough away from trees, the neighbors, etc. After that, Steven used the automatic leveling to get the coach perfectly level, then he extended the slide-out. Joe took care of the electric and water hook-ups, Steven hooked up the sewer, and I opened the awnings on the drivers side ( they’re smaller and were easier for me to do alone). Then all three of us (mostly Steven and Joe), opened the large awning on the passenger side of the coach, it’s over 20 feet long and comes out about 12 feet from the side. We cooked dinner over an open fire, sat at the picnic table (provided at every site), then watched the sun set and a million stars light up. The perfect ending of a perfect “first” for us. Campsite number two in my next post.

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