Now the “REAL”work begins

My son Steven accompanied me on my journey home from South Carolina to New Jersey, on our “shake down” cruise. I expected there to be a few trial and error moments and I wasn’t disappointed. We had an uneventful drive from the dealer where I purchased it to my sister Jackie and (my favorite brother in-law) Joe’s, where we spent our first night. Backing a forty foot long motorhome into a driveway for the first time was rather interesting. Both Steven and Joe were guiding me in, but at one point I could not see either, thats when I ran into the car-port roof. Thankfully it was just a nudge, a little dent in the house gutter and a little character bend in the RV ladder to the roof. We parked and attempted tp hook-up to the electricity (Jackie and Joe have a 50 amp hook-up in their carport). However our 25 foot cable was not long enough. This meant moving cars around so we could get RV and the cable close enough to reach the outlet after opening the slide-out. My neice Nancy, her husband Mark (also a good guy) and their 7 year old daughter (I guess that makes her my “great” neice) Julie, stopped by to check things out, as did my mom, and Joe’s mom. So there was a lot of button pushing, light switch checking, door opening, exploring, and a bunch of other stuff going on. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. We spent our first night in the driveway and after a run to the store for coffee and some groceries we said our good-byes and headed for our first real camp-site. Oh yeah, we kinda kidnapped Joe too, he’s really handy and knew a lot of things that might help us so we “asked” him to come along, at least for one night. But that’s where this post will end, more updates to follow.

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