Making the cut

While conducting my research, it quickly became clear that Prevost was the absolute best motor coach that money can buy. The operative word here is MONEY! A new 2016 Prevost sells for around 2 million dollars. So in order to afford one I would either have to work for another 40 years or purchase a pre owned. But the pre owned ones that fit into my price range are at least 20 years old. 

Continuing my research I found that there are a lot of other quality RV’s that are not so pricey. They are (in alphabetical order) blue bird / wanderlodge
, beaver
, country coach,
, foretravel
, holiday rambler / navigator,
, mandalay
, monaco,
national rv / pacifica /tradewinds
, newell,
newmar / essex / king aire / london aire,
travel supreme. This is not to say that others aren’t as good or better, but based on my personal preference and amenities that I wanted, these all fit the bill. Some of the criteria I considered are, the motor home MUST have at least 400 horsepower (if I’m towing the mini, or any vehicle up the mountains, I don’t want to be under powered), I want storage locks
For the basement, window awnings
are a must (preferably electric), solar power
(more a want than a must have), LED lighting
(I can always change it myself, but it would be nice to have regardless), a tow bar for the mini, an
electric entry step
, ceiling fans
, an air filtration system, at least
two zone air conditioning/heating, a dishwasher
(another want not must have), an ice maker (definitely a must)
, good insulation (walls, ceilings, and floors, some sort of
safe/gun safe
, a good water filter
, at least a 7500 watt generator
, a washer/dryer
, and basement heat. Everyone has their own personal preferences and they will be the determining factor for which ever RV you choose. 

I have read and researched many options for RV’s and one consistent theme from all of the research is to NOT buy a new RV. Depreciation is a fact of life in an RV, it will never appreciate in value, so by purchasing pre owned you let someone else absorb the loss (at least partially). 

Of course the MOST important factor in the decision making process is your budget. It makes no sense looking at something that you cannot afford. 

My timeline is just beginning to get a little closer as I would ideally like to find and purchase an RV by the end of the summer.

More next time as the search continues.

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