Surgery scheduled 

Well, now that all of my doctors have agreed on the treatment my surgery date has been set for December 14th. I’m having spinal fusion surgery, it’s actually a double surgery. The thoracic surgeon operates from the front, making an incision in my abdomen, moving my stomach and intestines aside and placing three cages against the inside of my spine for stability. He will also put a filtering device into a main artery to prevent any blood clots from getting to my heart or lungs. Once he is finished, I will be turned over and my orthopedic surgeon will remove the discs between L2-L3, L3-L4, and L4-L5 and install two metal rods attached with surgical screws to my vertebrae to stabilize the entire lower back. My doctor, Dr Salari, is very confident in his ability and feels that my recovery should be, 5 days in the hospital, possibly up to 10 days in rehab, then about 60 days resting at home. He says after I recover I’ll be able to return to playing pool, and resume riding my motorcycle but I’ll have to give up golf. He’s probably seen me play before LOL. Tomorrow will be the first thanksgiving that I have not worked in over 20 years. Next week I will begin taking the necessary steps to stop using blood thinners. While convalescing I expect to be able to do alot better job of updating this site. Happy Thanksgiving 

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