Still on the fence

I’m still debating the pro’s and cons of a fifth wheel, specifically a toy hauler. I definitely plan on taking my motorcycle with me. I had a “TOAD”, a 2010 Mini Cooper Clubman,but the engine suddenly died and I’ve been in “discussion’s” with Mini Cooper USA ever since. Since I bought the car 2 and a half years ago I have had ALL of the maintenence performed at the Mini dealer. So I keep asking them what I could have done differently to prevent the engine from going? They could not give me an acceptable answer, so I have been dealing with corporate headquarters instead of Mini Cooper of Morristown. They have finally gotten back to me with their “final” offer. 

Perhaps I should provide a little background, initially the Mini dealer told me that because my car over-heated, the thermostat (which is plastic??) had melted and been “ingested” by the engine, which caused irreprebale damage and the engine was shot. A new engine, they told me would cost $9, 150. including labor, parts, and taxes etc. I argued with them and they came back with another offer of $7,600. That’s when I contacted their corporate office. In the mean time I had the car looked at by an independent mechanic, his estimate was $6,000. that’s $4,000 for a reconditioned engine and roughly $2,000 in labor and miscelaneous expenses. 

Now, Mini’s “final” offer is $6,400. for a “new” engine, installed, labor, taxes, etc. included. Although it gaul’s me to pay it, I think I wil accept their offer. My alternative is to leave the Mini sitting where it is as a “Parking Lot Ornament”, Oh, by the way, I still owe the bank $4,000 for the car. So no matter how you look at this, I need to do something. At least this way I should end up with a “great” TOAD, and hopefully it will last a very long time on the road. In the interum, I have “borrowed” (more like comandeered, only without the gun) my sister’s car, and at some point she’s probably gonna want it back.

And, if I now have my TOAD back, I’m now leaning more towards an RV instead of a toy hauler. None of these decisions are getting any easier….

According to my “Master Plan” I’m 88 weeks away from retiring. That means I’ll probably change my mind another 44 times LOL!!! 

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