RV or 5th Wheel?

I have already changed my mind five times about which option will best suit my needs. Currently we (Robin, my sister Lynda, and me) are all planning on traveling the country while living full-time in which ever vehicle we eventually decide upon. I suppose the most important decision we have, even before deciding on a vehicle, is our budget. Going from a paycheck to fixed income will certainly create many challenges. And where will we have our “domicile”? For tax purposes you need to have a permanent state that you can call home, and that state will require you to obtain your drivers license, register and insure your vehicles, file your taxes, and vote (if you’re so inclined).                                                                                                                     Robin and I are retiring around the same time, mid 2016, Lynda is already technically retired. There will be many adjustments to make going from living in the traditional sticks and bricks dwelling with our family and friends around, to a life on the road. And what about down sizing? It’s amazing how much “stuff” you accumulate, and that includes vehicles. Robin and I are planning on bringing our motorcycles, so that needs to be included in our decision making.                                                                           No alarm clocks, no meetings, conference calls, and most importantly NO WORK!! Should we buy our “home” out right or finance it? These are some of the decisions that we will need to make sooner rather than later so we can begin the really important task of researching what we will live in for a few years. Another thing we will need to discuss is an “exit strategy”, by that I mean, how long are we gonna travel, what happens when one or more of us decide that we’ve had enough. Sorry that my thoughts are all over the place but I’m just writing as I think. That could be dangerous. Hope to post more often, will try.

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