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Hey there Fronters! This is Steven, Charlie’s youngest son. Please have some patience with us as we work to make this the best site possible. I haven’t worked with html code in quite some time, nor have I ever used WordPress to build a site. This coupled with teaching my Dad (I call him Papa Dukes) how to use it at the same time should call for a couple beers when showing him the ropes. My plan is to work with my dad step by step to get this site up and running before handing him the torch. By the time he’s rolling down the road full time I know that I’ll be the one asking him to help me build a blog site!

My brother and I recently purchased Papa Dukes an iPad for his B-Day, and he loves it. It is nice to finally see him in the 21st Century, and he has quickly realized that technology has and will continue to change his life and how he goes about doing things… For the better! Within the past year he has also gotten set up with a smartphone, an iPod 160GB (The Ultimate iPod), and some other devices and programs which I will touch on as we go. The iPod was the perfect fit for his uses. His favorite band is CSN&Y, in which he now has a vast collect of it in one place. When listening to his wish list in an RV, I picked up on music being pretty important. The ability to listen to his selection of music, whenever and wherever. For that reason a 160 GB iPod was ideal. He currently uses it in his car and while riding his motorcycle via aux cable or headphones. For future use, a Bluetooth adapter expands his uses even more, along with a Bluetooth wireless speaker. He can utilize the iPod whether tent camping, riding in a pickup, hiking, riding his motorcycle or driving a Class A. In trying to assist him with the technological aspects of his future journey I try to think generally about many aspects, and then narrow down their applications from there. I must work like this while he continues to teeter totter between a Class A and 5th Wheel.
A program that I recently obtained is Streets & Trips 2013. I am still currently mulling through it for my own road trip purposes and to get handle on it. I will delve into further detail about the program later, but it looks promising as a great pre-trip navigation tool for RV’ing.
Thanks all – Steven

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  1. Roger Idland

    Charlie and Steven,
    I look forward to following your blog. It will be my first. Maybe I will learn something as well.

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