Learning curve

Being technoligaclly challenged has made researching an RV a major challenge. I decided a few years ago (when I became an “empty-nester) that I wanted to travel when I retired. As my retirement date gets closer, I have begun the process of trying to figure out HOW? From the time I was a teenager I have always wanted to travel and see the country. One thing or another always took precedence over my wishes, marriage, children, career, health issues, etc. But now that I am getting close, I have to seriously investigate my options. I just turned 60 and have decided that I will retire at age 62, I’ve already made up a weekly calendar with only “91” weeks till I retire. Ha Ha, I use it for motivation to keep myself focussed. My sons have been extremely supportive of my decision and most helpful in learning how to research via the internet. I will let you know how my research goes and what (if anything) I learn. It will take a bit of time for me to get my thoughts organized and improve the format for this post, so please be patient. that’s all for now.     

One thought on “Learning curve

  1. Nancy

    Mom said that we could join you in some state park where there’s no internet service for a device free holiday. The dog will like it but the kids won’t. Don’t worry…they sleep through the night (most of the time) and, by then, I’m sure at least two of the three will be potty trained. Mom even offered to babysit them for a long weekend so mark and I could go out. Wasn’t that sweet of her?!

    I jest. None of that is true. Just wanted you to know I received your email and have saved this page to follow your adventures.


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